Children's measuring wall sticker Space Rider

Children’s measuring wall sticker Space Rider

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Kids are growing fast, so it’s very funny to measure themself at least every week. A measuring meter sticker will serve this very well. You simply stick the meter on the wall and your child can enjoy how much he has grown.

Our wall stickers are made of premium material, textile self-adhesive wallpaper made in France by ANTALIS. The meter is printed and pre-cut on a sheet of self-adhesive textile wallpaper, so you don’t have to cut it out, but simply peel it off the sheet and stick it to a selected place on the wall. In the package you will find instructions on how to easily handle it. It is important to make sure that you do not stick the stickers on a freshly painted wall or on walls in new buildings that have not gone through at least one heating season. It should be at least 20 days after painting the walls. If over time you or your children do not like the motif, you can simply peel it off without damaging the wall paint or plaster. The sticker is easy to peel off and leaves no glue residue on the wall. If your wall is not white, it doesn’t matter, our stickers have 96% coverage, so the color of the wall will not shine through.

Technical specifications:

Design: Space Rider
Illustrator: Adrián Macho
Material: ANTALIS Coala Silky Wallcover Textile
Composition: Woven polyester on siliconized transfer paper
PVC Free
Material thickness: 170 g / m2
Production method: digital printing
Dimensions: 42 x 153 cm

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