Our Story

There is a piece of a child in each of us

This is the essence of everything we do. This is the idea behind the Mellow story, and you can find and read about its important points here.

The present that created the story

The story of Mellow began before Christmas 2016 when Adrian wondered what present he would give to his loved ones under the tree. Being creative, he thought of drawing a pillow in the shape of a fox. He managed to get a few meters of fabric printed and sewed the first fox pillow on his sewing machine at home. It had a big success and that is how the story of Mellow pillows began.

From pillow to book

Many people think that whale-shaped pillows are based on the theme of the book. But the truth is the opposite. The story about whale Gerde was based on the artwork of the pillow and developed into a beautiful story. We found people at Albatros publishers who liked the book right away and they became our great partner who got Gerda around the world.

We opened our own workshop

We made our first pillows together with our relatives. Very quickly, however, we found out that we could not satisfy the interest in them. So, we faced a difficult decision whether to entrust their production to someone who has the equipment and capacity or to secure the equipment and capacity ourselves. Since we had experience in production management and we believed in the Mellow project, we went our own way and set up our own workshop. How it looks in our workshop and how our products are made can be seen in the video, which Sashe.sk has done on their visit to our workshop. We have been working with Sashe.sk since our very beginning.

See you at the markets

Right from the start, it was important for us to have feedback and direct contact from you, our customers. Therefore, we regularly participate in design markets in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. We will be pleased to meet you at Dyzajn market in Prague, at the children‘s ShopUp market, at which an expert jury in 2018 acknowledged our collection as the best. You can also meet us at the Trnava flea market, the Bratislava Urban Market and the Budapest WAMP Market. We are constantly expanding the network of resellers of our products to be close to you.

The story of whale Gerda continues

Lots of children and adults enjoyed the whale Gerda. Many asked if her story would continue and they encouraged us to bring other adventures of the underwater world and so we’ve been working for almost all year 2019 so that children can read under the Christmas tree, what Gerd and her brother Lars experienced in the endless ocean, what booby trap they faced and give children tips on how to overcome these traps and fears.

Children's Book of the Year 2019

In addition to a number of feedbacks from readers, we were very pleased with several nominations in the readers’ polls starting with the Panta Rhei Awards, the Czech bestseller, and Russian LiveLib up to the poll Book of the Year in the Czech Republic where Gerda won the main price children’s book of 2019. We are very happy with this prize and thank all readers for their favor.

We cooperate and create

We believe that there are many clever people in Slovakia and the Czech Republic who can do quality things. Each of us specializes in something we can do best and that is why we are happy to create interesting cooperation. As a result, socks with our design were created, bean bags Tuli with a fairy theme, children all over the world read the story of whale Gerda thanks to Albatros publishers, bakers bake cookies in aprons from Adriana Polaková, kids play with a puzzle from Pucle and we protect our phones with covers from MYMAME. We simply enjoy cooperation.

You are helping us help others

Because we have the best customers we behave responsibly as well, and we try to share your goodwill with those who need it. The Russian edition of the Gerda whale story supports the World Wildlife Fund – WWF. The Slovak edition of the Gerda calendar 2019 supported the Good Angel Foundation in the same way. In 2019, we supported financially and materially the civic association Červený Nos – Clowndoctors. Thank you for helping us in helping others together.